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About The First Kerala Boutique Restaurant In India
Description A quaint bungalow opposite Palmgrove Hotel on Kodambakkam High Road, Kudumbam offers an ambience perfect for a complete fine dining experience.

The sit-out or Poomukham with its elegantly roofed tiles utters a soft but warm welcome note. You stand there, gazing at the grandeur of the traditional Kerala Padippura.At the doorstep is an antique armchair (charukasera) that once was the seat of the Karanavar or the eldest hailing member of the household.

Kudumbam prides itself in maintaining its ethnic identity. A singular colour tone that is soft and hearty pervades the entire restaurant.Have a closer look at the collage in one room named Keralotsav - a real life depiction of Kerala with abstract images. On the walls are also the traditional vessels used in preparation of dishes - the Manchatti, Mankalam and Chiratta Thavi.

On the wall are etched the images of the music stalwarts - Baburaj, Devarajan and Jesudas. The soothing melodies of yesteryears fill the air.Kudumbam takes you back in time to an age when all was quiet and beautiful.

The waiting space is aesthetically done up with an old wooden sofa set and an antique wooden chest doubling up as the centre piece.Come to Kudumbam for the complete Kerala fine dining experience.


The first Kerala boutique restaurant in the country, we offer you more than just a fine meal. At Kudumbam, you can also shop for authentic Kerala artifacts while enjoying a good meal . At the waiting area, you will find a small boutique. Here, we bring you slices of Kerala. Buy yourself a kasavu saree or mundu and wear it the next time you come to Kudumbam - you will feel more at home. Pick a pickle - bitter gourd, garlic, chilli, beef and fish - we offer them all. These pickles come in special baranis - reminiscent of the yesteryears when our grandmothers would make various pickles and store them in these jars. In large glass jars, you will find sweet items such as achappams and shakkara varati.And to indulge the bibliophile in you, we even have Malayalam classics and their English translations for you to pick up - literary delights including Ochendu Menon's Indulekha and Tagazhi's Chemmen. Indulge yourself. Come to Kudumbam and take home with you a piece of Kerala.
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