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About This page is dedicated to all Shirdi SaiBaba devotees!
Description Baba had promised that whosoever would put his feet on the soil of Shirdi, his miseries would end or marginalise.

All devotees of Baba find His promise come true, even eighty years after He left the mortal body. Baba used to call His devotees as children, and like the true father, kept busy day-in and day-out for their spiritual upliftment.

Human beings may conquer all the planets and stars before they learn the magic formula to conquer the hearts of their fellow beings. The formula has been given by the Master. It is for us to follow to make the world a better place to live.

‘Saikalpa’ is a compilation of teachings and messages of Shirdi Sai Baba that has been brought out by Kalyanakalpa Trust that runs ‘Karismakalpa’ and ‘Saikalpa’. Kalyanakalpa Trust has sponsored to compose Sri Saikalpa book to distribute to Sai devotees to spread his messages and printed 1 lakh copies in 3 languages namely English, Tamil & Telugu. The book contains Shiridi Sai Haratulu, Stavana Manjiri, and a brief account of Sai Guru avatars, Baba’s favorite Vishnu Sahasranamam, heart-touching stories and Baba’s miracles and his sayings to the devotees. The distribution of Sri Saikalpa book has been started to the devotees at Sai Baba temple, Mylapore-Chennai on 24th Oct 2012 onwards. Apart from Mylapore temple it has been planned to distribute all Sai temples in India and Malaysia initially and later to other countries.
The Kalyanakalpa Trust organized poojas and annadanam for the whole day at the temple and distributed the books for all devotees.
The Kalyanakalpa Trust released already 2012 version of Kalyanakalpa Directory. The concept of‘ Kalyanakalpa Directory’ is to serve the public in conducting a perfect wedding by providing all wedding-related information. Kalyanakalpa Directory mainly provides details like marriage halls/mandapams, wedding cards, catering, decoration arrangement, photos, videos, orchestra, tours, travels, priests, dress materials, jewellery and beauty parlours in the locality.
The interesting part is the gift coupons and cash back vouchers that are packed in the directory. Kalyanakalpa has agreements with firms to provide discounts and cash back schemes to give the users the best bargains throughout the year. Kalyanakalpa has already tied up with many well-known firms like National Insurance, Apollo Hospitals, Dr Agarwal Eye Hospital and Indian Oil Corporation.
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