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About Afton Christopher Allison was murdered on April 13th 2012 allegedly by his father, Anthony Blake Viles. This page is for people to share memories, stories, pictures and to keep people informed of the judicial process regarding Afton's case.
Description Afton was born October 19th, 2005. He was a wonderful lil dude with a face that could melt the coldest heart. He was with me until a failure in the system took him from me. He was sent to live with his father on January 28th, 2012. He was brutally beaten to death allegedly by his biological father. April 12th, 2012 we got a call stating that Afton was hurt and not going to make it. Jared and I drove to Salt Lake City, Utah to be with our son. When we got ther the evening of the 13th, we were told that the latest test showed no brain activity. My son was gone. At that time we decided to donate Afton's organs so that maybe some light could come from this tragedy. Afton was removed from life support, April 15th, 2012 after saving 5 lives. He is a hero. I would like to dispell rumors here, talk about the role CPS had in his death, as well as raising awareness in child abuse in the welfare system. Another topic that I will discuss freely here is organ donation. My son saved the lives of 5 people with the gift of life. When I think of that, I think maybe his death wasn't in vain.

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