El Tablajero Meat Center

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Description El Tablajero Meat Center, is corporation regulated under the laws of the CommonWealth of Puerto Rico. Founded in Ponce, P.R in January 2007 and started business operations in April 2007 uninterrupted since then.

El Tablajero was established by three entreprenurs who only got one thing in common “quality”. What they did not have in come is their careers and expiriences, one Retired Master Butcher with over 40 years of experiance in both sides of the meat industry “ on the butcher block “ and “Meat Department Management”. The second a Licensed Dietician and Certified Sales Executive who brought balance kitchen recipies, institutional kitchen management, and effective sales skills to the team. Third a Civil Engineer and Real Estate Broker, with over 10 years of Project Management Experience with one goal in mind, how to combine this team and make El Tablajero a Project Success.

After six years of business we can assure that El Tablajero is a continuing project success. We learn from every experience mentally and technically, we have growth from every opportunity, we change what not works and continually improves whats working, we grew our operantions, we continually trained are staff over these past years, but overall we have stay in contact with our customers.

We promise to keep doing it and grow in it, as it is.

Juan Sr., Juan Jr. and Vanessa
Phone 7872903311
Web site https://www.facebook.com/eltablajero

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