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About Hi I'm Rachel! Mum and Preschool teacher. I make and decorate celebration cakes for any occasion, personal to the individuals likes and interests :o)
Description We are a small bespoke cake bakery based in my own home. Every cake is personal to the individuals likes and interests. My recipes are tried, tested and developed by me with the aid of my family and my wonderful local cake panel. Be assured you won't find our cakes on a supermarket shelf :o)

All cakes are baked fresh, no more than a few days before delivery. We use fresh, locally or homemade produced (if possible), high quality ingredients.

Mummy Makes Cakes is a insured registered business with Huntingdonshire District Council's Environmental Health Department. I hold a level 2 qualification in catering, and well as having cake decoration running in my genes! :o) My aunt was a very reputable cake decorator back in her day, with people coming from a far to visit her shop and order a cake. I also hope to have one just like hers one day! Maybe with a little tea shop in the front. So if anyone is holding a winning lottery ticket and is looking for a good cause to donate money to, you know where I am ;o) He he!

This page has a message facility where you can contact me for cake enquiries. I am always happy to help!

I am also on Twitter, where you can often see me helping and offering advise on everything from, how to twitter to cake flavours to nitter natter! Lol!

We also deliver to Kent several times a year, as I have family in the area :o)

Please take a look at my business page, try my cakes and recommend to your friends. Thank you!
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