The Country Register of Southern Nevada

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About The Country Register of Southern Nevada is published 5 times a year. Each issue contains a large variety of feature stories, trends and decorating ideas, projects, special events and other items of interest.
Description As a publisher I still get excited about each issue we produce, always striving for perfection, a dynamic cover, the best of our valley's shops advertised, fun experiences for our readers, scrumptious recipes, and of course, no typos! It is always a challenge to sell ads, write stories, find art work for our front covers, and get the paper laid out in a way that will make for an easy read and a great guide for our loyal readership. After we get thousands of papers printed and bound in 50's for distribution we immediately start that process. Most get delivered in person. It is always heart-warming to see people anxious for the new edition.

Inevitably, the moment comes after delivery when someone discovers an error. They are never made intentionally and usually aren't fatal. It has made me aware of mistakes in other publications and so have come to know that it happens in all printed matter quite regularly! Not that this gives us an excuse but at least we know we aren't the first to make a typo nor the last. But I do console myself that each time we have a mistake, that is one more now out of the way as I will be watching out for it the next time!

We hope you enjoy each issue and pick up an extra to share with a friend, a neighbor, or relative. Any time you buy a gift for someone at one of our advertisers, include a copy in your presentation.

Who would not want to know where the best shops in their state are!
Mission Our business is to promote your business!
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