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About 3Kingz is the future of Hip Hop & entertainment...from it's culturally diverse group of artists to it's positive yet raw style of music 3Kingz is making it cool for artist to be their selves again so remember the name 3Kingz Productions.
Description Tod “Yung Truth” Demesyeux is a 27 year old up & coming Artist, Entrepreneur & MC of Haitian decent, hailing from Brooklyn N.Y.C. He founded 3Kingz Productions LLC which is currently based in Allentown PA, as a Hip Hop Record Label in 2010 because of his love for the culture.
Growing up in Flatbush, Brooklyn Hip Hop was always all around him from the raw & energetic sounds of the street that he heard from his bedroom window every day, to the very afro- centric and Caribbean infused sounds of Prospect Park on a Sunday afternoon; to the melodic tunes of Hot 97 & Power 105 he would fall asleep to every night. Later, during his time as a Marine; music played a new role in his life as a form of expression, self-therapy & a coping mechanism. He quickly realized the importance of music is that it is undeniably one of the most vibrant mediums of communication, one which touches more people, in more ways, than any other art form. Upon honorably serving his country and returning home inspired by the role of music throughout his journey he knew that this was his calling and purpose in life.
Now 3 & half years into his musical career he has had several hits with major artist in the industry to include Fred the Godson & the Coke Boys among others, as well as a long list of critically acclaimed solo works. He recently released his first full length solo project aptly titled “ Truth Be Told” which has garnered him the respect & admiration of his fans & peers alike & is now completing his next mixtape “Truth or Die” which will be available in 2014
Phone 570-807-8658
Web site https://www.youtube.com/user/MrKrewEnt

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