Kringle's Inventionasium

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About For families seeking an innovative holiday activity, Kringle’s® delivers a fresh yet timeless interactive experience that honors the spirit of Krismas™.
Description Kringle's Inventionasium® entertains over 20,000 guests annually, attracts diverse families from all across the country, and boasts one of the "Best Santas in the U.S.” according to

Tour the secret departments of Mr. Kringle's Toy Lab. Interact with Kringle’s® elite team of Inventors. Explore each area and engage in hands-on activities. Enjoy a private tête-à-tête and photo opportunity with Mr. Kringle®. Shop the lavish offerings inside Kringle’s Toy Shoppe®.

Your Inventionasium® adventure begins at the entrance to a secret passage with Mr. Kringle's personal assistant, Charolette Hollyhop™.. The extraordinary receptionist measures the groups Imaginativity levels until a top secret assignment is dispatched. Quick! Through the portal!

Once through, find your group in the Hallway of Founders™. Learn the hidden mysteries of the Inventionasium® and its’ most famous Inventologists. Search for clues that will unlock coded messages throughout your tour.

Ideas spark lightning fast inside the Brainstorming Cave™. Harness your creativity and shape prototypes of your most spectacular ideas out of Mr. Kringle’s primordial putty.

The Puppet Pattern Workshop™ is a menagerie of eyes, ears, furs and antennae. Join the puppet production team and mix and match new masterpieces! Zany interchangeable parts make possibilities endless.

Experiment with super absorbent polymers at the Grow Snow Laboratory™. Watch as scientists demonstrate Mr. Kringle’s Everlasting Snow Solution™ before your merry eyes!

Toy Engineering™ is home to another toy creation station. Hone in on your inventing skills and construct simple and sophisticated toy models to pitch to Mr. Kringle®.

Meet members of Kringle’s® family in the Hiccup Hangout™. Keep a look out for dancing chandeliers and some rather unexpected surprises!

Finally it’s time for your Private Visit with Mr. Kringle®. Discuss your ideas and review your Krismas™ wish list while our photographers capture your merriest moments on camera.

Before your departure, travel through Kringle’s Toy Shoppe® to peruse your pictures and shop Kringle’s unique toys, decor and gifts from our stylish selection!
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