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About Oriental Sweets, Pastries, Chocolate, Coffee shop, Ice cream, Catering & Banqueting - Worldwide delivery call 1881 or +961 6 444445 http://www.hallab.com.lb
Mission To develop a trusting long-term relationship with our customers, as well as increasing market share and profitability, by maintaining our position as the leader in the oriental sweets market and constantly improving our outstanding know-how and superior quality in every single piece of product we offer.
Overview In 1881, the Lebanese city of Tripoli, renowned for its ancestral history, heritage and vestiges, witnessed the rising of a new dawn in the world of traditional oriental sweets…
The variety range then widened and enriched with numerous sorts of sweets, all unique for their authentic taste and bearing that secret everyone still wonders about until today. Is it the unique freshness of the ingredients? Or the extraordinary skillfulness in the preparation? Or the superior quality in every single piece? The secret probably lies in the mixing of the three, which gave the sweets of Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons this special uniqueness in the quality and an unrivaled name in the world of oriental sweets.

Renewal in the traditional
…And the success story went on and on with the grand-children of Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons who, besides maintaining the tradition by preserving the authenticity of the sweets, have also strived for renewal to keep pace with modern life and the new century. This is how the idea of “Hallab Lite” was born, rousing a real revolution in the world of ortiental sweets. Combining a delicious taste with a low-calorie rate, “Hallab Lite” rich variety of sweets has achieved a successful performance no one was able to accomplish before, all coupled with a perpetual determination to maintain the same level of skillfulness, quality and authenticity.

A permanent commitment to quality
In order to reach higher levels of quality and goodness meeting international standards, a sanitary laboratory was established inside the factory of every Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons branches. In order to guarantee the best quality products to the consumer, the laboratory is in charge of controlling the products quality and their conformity with the best sanitary conditions through periodic samplings.

Superiority in quality
Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons also insures an excellent service to its clients, the most important of which being the catering service to all orders, within two hours to all the Lebanese regions for free, and within three to five business days to any country in the world. In order to provide this service to the best, Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons has innovated a new packaging box to preserve sweets containing fresh cream for 48 hours at least.

For exceptional receptions…a touch of distinction and

Besides fulfilling all your requirements for private banquets and special occasions, Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons services also insure innovative ways and exclusive formulas to present sweets, which reflects the traditional authenticity through a special touch full of refinement, art and skillfulness. In the most sophisticated receptions, Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons corner is a delight to the eyes and a pleasure for gourmets; and no wonder in this since it represents the symbol of authenticity in oriental sweets, as well in form as in content.

"1881 Hall" Hall & Restaurant…A new venue for our clients

Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons is proud to welcome you in its new "1881 Hall" Hall and Restaurant which has been achieved lately in "Kasr El Helou" (Sweets Castle) in Tripoli, and equipped to receive more than one hundred persons. The hall has been designed to host all sorts of receptions, parties, conferences and other special occasions such as birthdays and weddings, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere where excellent service, great care and attention to details are a must. The hall is also open to clients during the week and offers a “plat du jour” and a rich variety of oriental and traditional dishes, all prepared with a lot of taste and skillfulness.
Phone Tripoli +961 06 444445 - Sin el fil: +961 01 501881 - Kosba: +961 06 511881 - Akkar: +961 06 471212 - Karout mall +961 1 271881 - Jounieh +961 9 911881
Web site www.hallab.com.lb

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