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About Welcome to the "Apple Of Gods Eye".This Page invites especially those who are thirsty of Gods love, who are hungry to feel his love.
Description Welcome to the Group "Apple Of Gods Eye". This group invites especially those who are thirsty of Gods love, who are hungry to feel his love.This page aims at sharing and contemplating on Gods love. We also invite you to Share your personal experience on how you encountered God. If You have anything in your mind about god and want to share, please feel free to post on this page.
It is a page for prayer and spirituality Or to better describe a Page created especially to share God's love.

Let us deepen our faith, pray together.Some of you young people might have experienced wounded relationships with your loved ones, some of you might be thinking about your self as you are no good, some of you may be broken hearted, wounded, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Only Love of God will make you whole again. Through this group we are just trying to make you aware of Gods wonderful love & trying to say; you are truly "An Apple of Gods Eye". Come join us lets share & spread the Love of God, let it spread like wild fire across the Globe "The love Revolution". That is how we can bring the difference in this wicked world. We are gathered here as one united, loving family. Though we may belong to different nations, caste, creed, culture, race, language we are all children of one God! Something which is very special entwined us here is love of God alone. Come Lets experience the wonderful love of God! It is tremendous, its amazing, it is wonderful, it is marvelous, it is without any limits, it is not self centered, it does not seek its own glory, it is unconditional, its depth cannot be measured. Higher than sky & deeper than ocean!!! May God fill your heart with love, peace & immense joy. Pax Christi

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