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About is all about bringing the deals to our customers and still keeping the merchant happy! We will also be using our FB page to notify you of the best daily deals, freebies and coupons that we can find!
It's happened to everyone: you go to a website that promises great deals at insane prices for the best merchants around. You open up that cool coupon page for that name brand clothing line you regularly buy from. You take a look at the details: the terms are in your favor, the pricing is crazy, the price off is clinically insane, the expiration date is weeks away. You're excited, oh my hallelujah are you excited. You take that coupon code, you enter it in at the merchant site that offered it, click the "SAVE!" button...

And you're told that it doesn't work.

We're here to crush this problem once and for all. FrogSlap is dedicated to the honest, easy use of all the coupons and deals you can handle. With "FrogSlap Verified Coupons", you can be 100% sure that we smacked those prices around until we got a real deal (that actually works!).
Mission Trust and reliability are what we're all about.

Any site can tell you that they have the best deals around. Any site can say that they have all of the deals the online world has to offer. Any site can tell you that they will work.

But it takes a Slap-Happy Site to deliver on its promises. If we tell you that we're 100% sure the coupon is real and will give you what you see on the page, then that's what you're gonna get. Deals, baby.
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