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About "A little bite in every bottle..."
Description A few of the ways Mosquito Mama market customers use the dressing:

When I cook with the ‘Balsamic Buzzzzz…’ I usually add salt… balsamic gets sweeter with reduction, and this dressing is sodium-free!

Mix with mayo and spread on halibut. Grill in a foil boat.

Marinate salmon or tofu. Bake (or grill) the salmon, or sauté the cubed tofu until slightly browned. Add Sriracha, if desired. Serve with lightly sautéed broccoli, rice, and more ‘Balsamic Buzzzzz….’

Finely chop 1 cup each of carrots, celery, mushrooms, and onions. Sauté in 3 tbspns of olive oil. Add 2 cups of cherry tomatoes, chopped in half, and cook until everything is ‘mushy.’ Add ¼ cup ‘Balsamic Buzzzzz…’ and heat until it starts to steam.
Remove from heat, and serve over halibut, or cool & freeze in ¼ cup portions!
(Submitted by Rosie Fontaine)

Use as the dressing on pasta salad with olives, feta cheese, artichoke hearts, green onions, etc.

Greens with sliced almonds, cheese, quinoa, avocados, tomatoes, and croutons! In season, add strawberries or blueberries! And Mosquito Mama!

Or, try with butter lettuce, mandarin oranges, candied pecans, and dried cherries!

Chop a large tomato, cucumber, celery, and onion. Add additional olive or sesame oil,
and coarsely chopped rosemary, garlic, and basil. Toss & marinade in the ‘Balsamic Buzzzzz…’ Serve over spring greens, kale, &/or spinach.
(Submitted by Annett)

Nasturtium leaf and flower salad with nuts and nutritional yeast.

Toss peas, onions, cooked orzo, and feta with ‘Buzzzzz…’ and serve as a cold salad.

Use as a glaze on squash, zucchini, and eggplant.

Sauté vegetables (i.e. mushrooms, broccoli) with garlic salt and the ‘Balsamic Buzzzzz……’
Fold into an omelet, with cheese.

Roast tomatoes and kale with olive oil and salt.
Drizzle with the ‘Balsamic Buzzzzz…..’ and top with fresh parmesan.

Mix corn, avocado, roma tomatoes, and bleu cheese crumbles with garlic salt and ‘Balsamic Buzzzzz…’ Serve over hearts of romaine, or with tortilla chips!
(Submitted by Evelyn ‘The Bead Mama’)

Toss cauliflower florets, halved brussel sprouts, &/or asparagus, with a few dashes of the ‘Balsamic Buzzzzz…,’ olive oil, salt, pepper and Sriracha. Roast on a cookie sheet, and serve over quesadillas!

Toss the ‘Balsamic Buzzzzz…’ with tuna, bell pepper, red onion, and diced almonds
and serve in a wrap!

Toss arugala and mushrooms in a few tablespoons of ‘Balsamic Buzzzzz.’ Lay a large mound of marinated vegetables on a piece of grain bread (it will cook down), top with salt and pepper and a slice of cheese, and bake. Or, cheese, tomato, avocado, sandwiches with ‘Balsamic Buzzzzz….!’

Caramelize chopped red onions in butter (or olive oil) and brown sugar. In last five minutes, add a dash or two of ‘Balsamic Buzzzzz.’ Serve over panini toasted with gouda, veggie burgers, etc.
(Submitted at the Center Market by Amanda Chriswell)

Meats and Miscellaneous:
Saute meat (chicken, beef, steak, pork, etc) with olive oil and a little water. Add fresh green beans (or brussel sprouts, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.)
and some ‘Balsamic Buzzzzz…..’. Add cranberries and sliced almonds.
Continue cooking until the meat and vegetables are done. Serve with rice. Delicious!!!
(Suzy gave us this recipe)

Dutch Oven Duck:
Flour breasts with seasoned flour and quickly sear. Cut one onion and place in bottom of dutch oven. Place breasts over onions. Add ½ cup white wine and drizzle with the ‘Balsamic Buzzzzz…’ Cook for about 2 hours at 250 degrees! (customer unknown!)

Add a small dash of the ‘Balsamic Buzzzzz…’ to a melted pad of butter, salt, pepper, and ground chilies, etc. Crack eggs into the pan, add an eggshell of water around the edges, cover, and poach. Or, add to scrambled eggs and bleu cheese!
(Submitted by John Dufek at the Center Market)

If you have any unique ways of using the ‘Balsamic Buzzzzz…,’ please email them to, or visit us at:

Thank you for supporting small Alaska business!

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

~Mosquito Mama & Crew~
Mission To offer an irresistible, Alaskan-made, healthy, garlic and cranberry sauce for use on on a wide array of meats and fish, vegetables, fruits, bread, and even ice cream! We conduct ourselves in a locally sustainable way through donations to many Alaskan fundraisers and events, sled dog rescue in particular! Enjoy the 'Balsamic Buzzzzz' and thank you for supporting small Alaskan business. Garlic Breath is Sexy, Mosquitoes!!!
Overview A small sole-proprietorship in southcentral Alaska. Mosquito Mama's is an Alaskan-made, owned, and operated business for almost eight years. Our 'Borealis Berry Balsamic Buzzzzz...' is a purely irresistible, and healthy, combination of raw chopped garlic, a variety of vinegars, cranberries, spices, honey, and olive oil that can be a salad dressing, marinade for meats and fish, roast for vegetables, and 'big dipper' for bread! It contains no sodium, no hydrogenated oils, no corn syrup, and no artificial preservatives. The ingredients are not only delicious as a combination, but they are whole, and healthy. And, according to local Alaskan wisdom, the more raw garlic you eat, the less mosquitoes bother you! Our motto: "Garlic Breath is Sexy." The 'Balsamic Buzzzzz...' not only complements any fish or meat, vegetable, salad, and/or fruit beautifully, it's even delicious as a reduction over ice cream!!! We always say that there is "A little bite in every bottle," it's the garlic :). Try it, and you'll see what we mean! The uses are endless, and remember... a little bit(e) goes a long way!

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