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About This page is for the King family to communicate with you, our Chelsea’s Light “changemakers.” see "welcome" tab for more info.For general information please email:chelseaslight@gmail.comDONATIONS: www.chelseaslight.orgDonation tab

ENTHUSIMISTIC! In honor of Chelsea’s love of the written word, we have created the word “enthusimistic!” As we start each and every project, we will do so with enthusiasm and optimism in the same way Chelsea started each day.

INDOMITABLE SPIRIT Chelsea’s indomitable spirit showed us you can always exceed your own expectations and those of others if you truly believe in yourself. She always encouraged people to live to their fullest potential, to never underestimate the power of one voice reaching out to many and to never underestimate the amount of courage inside all of us.

POISE & DIGNITY Chelsea lived her life with a degree of poise and dignity far beyond her 17 years. It is with poise and dignity that we will engage the community and those who have the ability to help us make this world a better place. It is with poise and dignity that we will carry on our daughter’s dreams and hopes through Chelsea’s Light.

INNOVATIVE When something is broken, ineffective or obsolete, we look to those with an innovative mind to forge ahead and deliver results that may have seemed otherwise impossible under the old ways. Chelsea found tremendous joy in succeeding where others couldn’t when she challenged her mind in new and different ways.

“GO BIG OR GO HOME” Chelsea knew that great things are not accomplished without great effort, great passion and great commitment. Her “go big or go home” attitude guided her to never settle for less than the optimum, or give up when the challenge appeared to have been too great. To “go big or go
home” is to honor our daughter’s life on the scale in which she lived it and to empower our next generation of leaders to do the same.
Mission About Chelsea

“Chelsea gives her smile and it wipes away anger and sadness.” Brent King

Chelsea King’s love of life spilled over into every aspect of her life. An avid cross country runner, a gifted student and musician, a loving daughter and sister, at 17 Chelsea was well on her way to becoming who she wanted to become. Pursuing one of her passions, Chelsea went on a training run after school on the trails at Lake Hodges not far from her Poway, California home on February 25, 2010. Her parents reported her missing when she didn’t come home by 6 p.m. As it became known that Chelsea’s life had ended tragically that day, a family and a community grieved and vowed to see that Chelsea’s Light will never dim.

In Kelly's words:
To uphold the inherent right to experience the innocence and joy of childhood, and to unleash the potential of an engaged community.

To unite and lead people who are passionate about protecting
children and inspiring positive change in their communities.

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