Canine Hope for Diabetics

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About Canine Hope for Diabetics is based in Riverside County, California. Diabetic Alert Dogs are trained to alert their Type 1 Diabetic handlers to the high and low changes of blood sugar. Dogs are also trained to wake their handler at night.
Description We are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping type 1 diabetics stay healthier through the use of a highly trained service dog. These dogs are trained to detect high and low blood sugars before they reach dangerous levels. We can provide puppy picking services with scent imprinted puppies, started dogs, and fully-trained dogs.
Mission It is our mission to assist diabetics gain independence and safety through the use of a highly trained working service dog. Our goal is that each and every team we work with realizes the special guardian angel they have received and can see each dog for what they are and appreciate the journey they will be embarking on.
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