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About Welcome to the VG VelattaGroup. President: Ruben Velatta
Description It is 1950 and Riv, at the time called “Artemio Rubinetteria”, opens in a small workshop in the village of Valduggia, in the province of Vercelli.
Its founder, Cav. Artemio Velatta, works with skill
and tenaciousness, in those years the working
hours are impossible: from 5 am to 10 pm, you
go to work on a bicycle in any condition, even in
one meter of snow.
Slowly, the small company grows and Artemio has to ask his father
Lorenzo and his brother Renato for help, so he changes the name of the company to “Rubinetteria Lorenzo Velatta & Figli” in honour of his father.
The years pass and the number of customers continues to grow: Artemio is right, producing high quality taps and valves has been a smart choice.
The company, now grown, is moved to Borgosesia, always in Vercelli province, and takes the name of “Rubinetterie Industriali Valsesiane”.
In 1965 the death of his brother Renato leaves Artemio devastated: he has lost his brother, but also a valid collaborator and his father is getting old.
Artemio does not lose heart and with his staff he acquires an increasing number of markets throughout the world.
Increasingly advanced processing and assembly machines make it possible to produce high quality products in larger quantities.
Artemio has made it, his dream has come true, he has created a trustworthy brand throughout the world.
Today the “RV Rubinetterie Italiane Velatta” has its
head offi ce in Grignasco (N0), two factories in Borgosesia (VC) and one in Brazil in Joinville; prestigious recognitions and international homologations have contributed to expand the diffusion of its products in 70 countries around the world.
Today, our father, Artemio, can look at his company with great pride. This year it celebrates its fi rst 60 years, standing tall in diffi cult moments and continuing to grow and
Mission In the premises of RIV S.p.A. under the control of an ISO 9001:2000 certified quality system, obtained since the beginning of the nineties, the production develops with a complete cycle.
After choosing carefully the raw materials, the hot pressing or the casting of raw parts, the machining, the chromium plating and the assembling follow, all this is made on fully automated machines which can produce more than 50.000 valves a day.
The testing, furthermore, is carried out on 100% of the production, on automatic lines with volumetric tightness tests.
The planning is particularly important in the production run: during the preliminary study of a new product, we check carefully all aspects that are necessary for making it not only technically valid, but also price competitive. After a precise market analysis carried out by our marketing department, we make a feasibility study, then the project is drawn up and finally we make the prototypes and the samples, which undergo in our labs structural and tightness tests, that are quite above the application field of the final product.
Thanks to the large warehouse and to the MRP operational system, we guarantee very short delivery times.
Prestigious appreciations and international approvals heve contributed to improve the distribution of the RIV S.p.A. product, which is sold in more than 70 countries, through a vast network of representatives and/or distributors.
The same spirit and business-philosophy by which the founder, Cav. Artemio Velatta, was inspired, are present today in all managing directors, managers and company's staff:
"To reach important targets, as well as a highly-qualified staff, it is necessary a complete involvement of people of all ranks, a right working environment and a steady professional development; the total quality is not a sale slogan, but something concrete that we, people of RIV, can see with our own eyes everyday".
Availing ourselves of the success obtained in 50 years of serious and motivate diligence, we present ourselves to the next millennium
deeply optimist and aware of the fact that our company is in a position of accepting the more and more difficult challenges that the global market requires.
Overview Riv Rubinetterie Italiane Velatta
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