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Description Our name is a family name passed down to me by my great grandmother... Ione is pronounced eye-OHN and is of Greek origin meaning "Violet" Carrying on tradition is very important to me and hula hooping has been a part of my life as long as I can remember so it was only fitting to pass it on this way. Each hula hoop that I make is like a child to me :)

Ione AK Hoops has a mission of giving back to the community through giving people the opportunity to be apart of making a difference for a better tomorrow through hula hooping. Samantha of Ione AK Hoops has been actively volunteering since she was a child and it has always left me feeling like a better person to do something to give back to our community. That has inspired us to do it with hula hoops because hooping has helped so many people around us over the years.

Sammy Hoopleseed Rogers, the cofounder of Ione AK Hoops, is a hula hoop performer and teacher. She strives to work with groups that her art gives back to. Every year she makes her nomadic journey to other areas of the country to give the gift of 'hoop love' and return home with knowledge learned from hoopers from around the world. Sammy is also a sponsored flow artist by the best single mode L.E.D. hula hoop company around, Hoop Conscious. Upcoming for upcoming workshop tour dates please email

Some examples of things we have given back to are scholarship funds in Valdez, Alaska, Valdez Providence Hospital, we donated hula hoops to Girdwood's non-profit Little Bears Playhouse Preschool, and made hula hoops for Alaska Theater of Youth's Summer Conservatory!

We have given back to people in the form of hula hoops, raised money for local scholarships, and also for those in need. We also donate lessons to different causes too :)

Ione AK Hoops is always looking for new causes to give back to so please contact us if you have a cause that you would like to see us to give back to.

Mission To give back to communities one hula hoop at a time and spreading hoop love to people of all ages.
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