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About American Antler Dog Chews - Nature's Dog Treat!
Description American Antler Dog Chews offers a new type of dog treat that utilizes nature's renewable resources. American Antler Dog Chews are made and collected in the USA from naturally shed antlers of Deer, Elk, and Moose. Pet owners can now give their dog a chew that is directly from nature. Chewing on antlers satisfies dog's hunting instinct with a long lasting healthy chew. Antler is the fastest growing bone in the world and contains calcium, fluoride, phosphorous, and other trace elements that promote good health.

Many dog chews are processed rawhide, which contain tanning agents and other chemicals that are unhealthy. American Antler Dog Chews are not processed or exposed to any detrimental chemicals. We wash them in water, cut them to size, sand the rough edges, and package them.
Overview Deep in the heart of America, kings walk freely. With nimble steps and majestic bounds they roam the mountains and plains proudly displaying their crowns. Each year, in early winter, they willing relinquish their crowns knowing they will grow greater ones the following spring. These naturally shed crowns of antlers are collected and recycled into American Antler Dog Chews.

Our parent company, American Natural Resources, is a rustic furniture manufacturer specializing in antler chandeliers and related furniture. American Natural Resources has been an active business since 1968 and is located in Griffith, Indiana, 30 minutes outside Chicago. Actively buying tons of antlers a year allows us to provide our customers high quality antlers at a great price.

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