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About Mountain Expeditions in Argentina - Perú - Ecuador
Description Our travel agency has permanent campsites during the climbing season on the most important bases of mountain, such as Confluencia, Plaza de Mulas, and Plaza Argentina. These base camps are equipped with meal services, gear storage, dining tents with seats and complete silverware, dishes and electric light, bathrooms exclusively for our costume’s use, porters or bearer services. We can caterer vegetarian food with the reservation in advance. Our company prepared a very convenient set of services for self-leaded expeditions. We make the logistic arrangements for you and your team expedition. This gives you the advantage of having complete control over your trip without having the administrative headache of expedition organization. Your time prior to the expedition`s departure is therefore free so you can concentrate in your summit! Lanko Altas Montañas have owns more than 50 mules which carry people and your personal equipment. Permanent staff in our Mendoza office, in our center of operations located in Los Penitentes (Refugio Cruz de Caña) on the ski resort, Confluencia camp, Plaza de Mulas camp and Plaza Argentina camp who are connected simultaneously by radio; they take care of receiving your expedition and making all the arrangements to transport your gear.
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