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About Let's Love! Let's Light! Let's Peace! Let's Joy! Let's Dance! Let's Shift! Let's Know! Let's Grow! Let's BE!

W E L O V E Y O U !!!!
Description The World is Connected (tWiC) brings Love, Spirit and Science together, so this page is for people who are Connected by Thoughts, Visions, Opinions, Feelings, Ways-of-Living,
Connected in Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Positive Thought and Respect, with great care for this Planet.
People who want to improve Life-standards and well-being for all, everywhere on this Planet.

Science and Spirituality can benefit greatly by interconnecting, resulting in deeper understanding and more satisfying results.

❤ tWiC is a place for unity and coexisting. A place for love and peace.
We are the caretakers of one another, our animals, our oceans, our plants, our sky. We can all live in harmony if we allow each other to walk their own paths, to help all we can along the way, respecting our differences and embracing our similarities :)

Radiating Love, Light & Joy all over the World ... contributes to Peace


Tim Landwier
Christina Maria Onu (SeekTruth LoveWins)
Roebia Alihoesein
Sylvie George
Sabrina Sahji Lila
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