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About We provide premium car and bike detailing service in Bangalore in accordance with International standards. We are the most experienced name in Ceramic Coatings, paint protection.
Description Detailing- something that is still unknown to the vast majority and for those who know, rare to get someone who can provide a proper detailing and not the "polish" that are aplenty.

We offer international standard car detailing and bike detailing in Bangalore(CV Raman Nagar and Central Jail Road- Franchise, Cochin(Franchise) and Mysore( franchise). Products( including ceramic coatings) used are best in class and the complete procedure followed for giving your car or bike the best detailing treatment in Bangalore, Cochin and Mysore city. When it comes to detailers in bangalore, our name stands apart from the rest of the crowd.

Our services include premium ceramic coatings for which we are one of the most experienced names , having used and tested the best names in ceramic coatings in the world and now offer CarPro CQuartz ceramic coatings.
Ceramic coatings offered with the RIGHT and most genuine advise give you a surface that is
Hydrophobic ( water repellant)
Easy to clean
Chemical resistant, even to bird droppings
Heat resistant, even to extreme heat like fire
Micro scratch resistant( NOT PROOF)
Anti Graffiti

Detailing is an extensive process to get your car paint to its ideal condition and protect it from the harmful effects of nature(like UV, water etc)

Detailing includes the restoration of the vehicle as much as possible to showroom condition, the day you took the delivery of your new car and how it looked? Now you can avail this quality service in Bangalore

Ultimate Detailerz uses one of the best and often the most exclusive products from around the world, what detailers in the advanced countries are using today.

The results you get from our detailing are unmatched because of the products and the process and personalized care taken on the car.

After your vehicle has been treated to a full detail by Ultimate Detailerz, the value that you get in terms of protecting your car and also the increase in its monetary value will more than offset the original cost of the detailing done.

For us, detailing is not just a business, its a passion we bring to every car which we treat like our own. Detailing is not just a way to make money but to learn and enjoy what we are bringing to the people who care about their cars

Save your Vehicle from the Teflon Coat Mafia and get the vehicle a gleaming look and make heads turn when your vehicle passes by.

We offer premium ceramic coatings, paint protection services for new and old cars alike and are the ONLY C-Quartz Finest authorized detailer, which is a world class leading name in ceramic coatings

For the best price quote and to fix an appointment, contact us on:

Phone - Bangalore CV Raman Nagar( main outlet) 7899294904

Pamper your vehicle with the services offered by us.

The services we offer currently are listed below.
Ceramic Coatings for cars and bikes
Paint Protection Treatments for New car
Complete Exterior and Interior Detailing for older cars

Some additional details on what steps are taken :
Engine Bay degrease and clean up
Premium Iron decontamination wash for paint
Premium Iron decontamination wash for alloys
Interior vacuuming
Seats, carpets, roof lining cleaning and protection
Paint decontamination using Claying
Shine and gloss treatment for the paint
Exterior plastic restoration
Headlamp Cleaning and Restoration
Windshield Treatment
Wheels and tyres treatment and protection

Visit the page to see our work and updates as we bring a new definition to the detailing industry in India
Our detailing training offers professional detailing training in India, the first of its kind, Get trained by the best on world class products- the only detailing training in India which covers all aspects
Phone 07899294904
Web site www.ultimatedetailerz.com

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