Vorsprungarten D'arcy Lane Installation

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About D'Arcy Laneway Installation by Simon Alexander Cook
A vertical garden of indigenous grass habitat.
- bring your Coffee inside to relax and enjoy. - cheers
Description City retreat Vertical pasture
#HerbLadder #parramatta

As an artist initiated installation this once lifeless Alley is gradually transformed into an immersive habitat experience. Simon integrates conceptual forms and biological processes, inviting viewer involvement each month as plants grow over the exhibition season, through into Summer, with night illumination.

This project revisits a lost bio-diverse matrix imagined as a 'progressive' or aspirational vertical structural intervention tucked within a safe 'chasm' between building marked for demolition. In some places an echo is heard between the splayed brick walls, and so the senses are heightened with an acoustic soundscape. The activity of planting rare seeds, and monthly visits to follow growth, is the 'verb' in reverberation...

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