Blessed Are The Weird

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About This place is all about us. By us, we mean you and...well, us. We're weird, it's true. But this kind of weird can change the world. Get your shine on!
Description Where is weird found?
In the sidewalk cracks, along the dusty, littered streets.
In Nature’s symbiotic weave and her outrageous, ostentatious color.
In the mundane - the oddly shaped stain on a piece of laundry, the face of a god on a grilled cheese sandwich, the art in the everyday.
In between the words and inside the melodies - the participle left dangling and the discordant blat.
In the grocery store, under the sofa cushions, in friendship and love, in laughter, tears, in the sane and insane.
Weird is everywhere, in everything, within and with out.
The Universe is calling.
Bring out your weird.
Bring out the blessed weird.

~ Barb Black
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