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About Photography, For Everyone http://www.f64group.org Twitter: @thef64group
Mission By becoming image makers and image readers, members learn the powerful communication and problem-solving skills and increase their knowledge about how to navigate our increasingly over-saturated visual culture.
Overview f/64 Group offers balanced information in photography and incorporates studies on the history, techniques, aesthetics and practice of the medium to involve and improve the visual literacy of our readers. Visual Literacy improves the understanding of the arts in terms of both perception and creation. This results in a connection to photography’s powerful way of communicating the values, aspirations and conflicts in our lives and throughout human history. Studying the history of photography, learning how photographers have used their craft to respond to the world, practicing these techniques to make our own contributions, and uncovering how images connect us to our past, present, and future – all make us more literate.

Please email questions and inquiries to: mike@f64group.org
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