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About Serving as a guide to connections in the food allergy world - Michigan and beyond!
Mission Serving as a guide to connections in the food allergy world in Michigan and beyond!

News updates, information, links to organizations, product information and more.

Overview We are here to share information on what we read, hear, see, etc. Please note, WE DO NOT ENDORSE ANY PRODUCTS AS EVERYONE'S ALLERGIES ARE DIFFERENT, AND YOU NEED TO DECIDE WHAT WILL WORK FOR YOU.
Example: If something is posted with peanut free facility, it does not necessarily mean it will be good for someone with other food allergies. These posts are more for an FYI - look what is out there. It MIGHT be something you will want to look into.
IT IS ALWAYS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PARENT OR INDIVIDUAL TO DETERMINE WHAT IS OK FOR THEM. As we always say - always be careful, always read labels and always when you have any questionable allergens - CONTACT THE COMPANY for answers! Then you can make your best decision for your needs.
But thank you all for posting what you know! Conversation and knowledge is very helpful for the food allergic community. BUT ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU AND YOUR FOOD ALLERGIC FAMILY.

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