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About THE great place to meet your new best friend... Dogs from this page are featured on "Conversations With A Pit Bull TV LIVE" Foster Corder.

Foster Corder & Daniel Mason
Every Saturday morning 9-10 AM West coast time, noon-1 PM

Number to call. 323-965-1600

This page has been created to help animals get the second chance they SO deserve.

This page is also in connection with the Facebook page
Crossposter's Guide is being built on the foundation and goals of helping others with information so that they too can help save the animals...

It takes a village and we are growing that village. Please come and join us~share your knowledge with others.

The determination of this pages' creator was brought on by the sharing of one picture, of one pup on death row. You can read Faith's rescue story here~ A Journey by Faith.

Faith was in CA and I am in MO~ impossible to help a dog that far away? It CAN be done... let us help you~

Contact Paula Archer on Facebook by pm or join Crossporter's Guide for more information.

This page is NOT breeder or puppy mill friendly. You are part of the problem. You will be removed.

Now let's save some tails !!!!
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