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About Yes, I do commissions! Message me here with your contact info, and lets get started.
Description My life philosophy … a Forrest Gump fatalist with the God-given free will to look at most situations with optimism
If I had special powers they would be … “to kill a yak from 200 yards with ‘mind’ bullets, or rather, the power to move you” (borrowed from Tenacious D).
I suffer from … EDTD Easily Distracted Thinking Disorder for which I am considering starting a fund drive (I could buy more art supplies!), but I’ll probably get distracted and it will never get off the ground.
My favorite Artists … Hieronymus Bosch and George Melies; both unafraid to explore their dream images and share them with the world. John Tenniel, who drew the quintessential Alice characters. And Picasso - not his paintings (practically artistic anarchy!), but his drawings. What he could do with a simple set of lines never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

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