Oregon Opportunity Initiative

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About The Opportunity Initiative is a plan to make post-secondary education more affordable. www.oregonopportunity.org
Description The state of Oregon has invested less and less per student over the last two decades. The result is that costs have shifted to students and their families, putting a college education increasingly out of reach for low and middle-income Oregon families.

With Treasurer Ted Wheeler's Opportunity Initiative, Oregon has the opportunity to help reduce student debt and make college more affordable and accessible.

Using some of the state's existing bonding capacity, Oregon can invest and grow a constitutionally protected endowment that is dedicated to providing student aid.

Funds from the endowment will stay in Oregon. Aid will help Oregon students attend Oregon education and training schools of all types - such as vocational schools and community colleges - not just four-year institutions. And it will help those Oregonians who need it most: low and middle-income students and families.

The Initiative also protects the endowment so that the earnings could not be spent by the Legislature for any other purpose.

And by tapping Oregon’s existing bonding capacity, the Initiative does not require any increase in taxes or cuts to existing public services, such as K-12 education, health care or public safety.

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