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Description Racing is the nineteenth studio album by the Japanese band Loudness. It was released in 2004 in Japan. On April 6, 2005, the band released the English version of the album, the first entirely sung in English since 1991. An international edition was released on August 9, 2005, published by Drakkar, with a different track listing, a different cover and littled differences in the production of the solo parts. A special international release of the album contains as bonus tracks the entire Rockshocks album of self-covers from the '80s.Track listingJapanese release"Racing" - 00:29"Exultation" - 4:42"Lunatic" - 4:06"Believe It or Not" - 4:52"Power Generation" - 4:03"Speed Maniac" - 5:19"Live for the Moment" - 4:39"Crazy Samurai" - 5:21"Tomorrow Is Not Promised" - 6:31"Telomerase" - 5:50"R.I.P." - 5:15"Misleading Man" - 6:20"Don't Know Nothing" - 6:07"Unknown Civilians" - 3:58International release"Racing""Exultation""Lunatic""Live for the Moment""Crazy Samurai""Speed Maniac""R.I.P.""Telomerase""Tomorrow Is Not Promised""Believe It or Not""Misleading Man""Power Generation""Don't Know Nothing""Unknown Civilians" Music by Akira Takasaki, lyrics by Minoru NiiharaPersonnelBand membersMinoru Niihara - vocalsAkira Takasaki - guitarsMasayoshi Yamashita - bassMunetaka Higuchi - drums

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