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About Felicity Darcy LLC is a line of fine sterling silver jewelry and lampworked glass beads designed and hand crafted by American Artists and Artisans. http://www.felicitydarcy.com/ email: info@felicitydarcy.com
Description THE PROCESS

Each silver pendant or bead begins with a drawing that I have crreated. A Master Model Maker then fashions a 3-D wax model of the design. This process often takes months, depending on the complexity of the design. The 'waxes' are then sent to Silversmiths at a small, regional casting house which casts each piece, one at a time, using a process called the 'lost wax' method. Once cast, a gentle antiquing process leaves a darker color in the recesses of the design, making fine details even more apparent. The pieces are hand polished and finished to become the fine silver jewelry that you'll wear and appreciate for many years.

Our lovely and colorful lampworked glass beads are made by hand, one at a time, by melting glass rods with a high-temperature torch. They are then placed into a temperature-controlled kiln for added strength and durability. Later the beads are 'cored' with a lining of one piece silver tubing. Each bead is a small treasure possessing great nuance, beauty and originality. It's hard not to keep looking at them!

We are very proud that every piece of Felicity Darcy jewelry is created by American artists and artisans.
Web site http://www.felicitydarcy.com/

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