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Overview “Coffee” Is Big business? Yes, coffee! You may be thinking to yourself, “I never expected a business where I could make money to be related to coffee” or “I figured I’d have to cut my arm off to get my own store.” Or, maybe you're thinking like I was when I first heard about this. You may be thinking. “I’m not sure I get it. How much money can there really be in coffee?”Let me answer that last question first. How much money is in it?

Yes! Organo Gold is a healthier coffee. Almost everyone knows that regular coffee may have some negative side effects like: jitters, upset stomach and that afternoon caffeine crash, right?

Well, how about putting a fine, fully flavored gourmet coffee, one infused with an ancient secret so highly valued that emperors and kings valued it more than gold; one of the most powerful herbs ever known to man.
A 4,000 year old secret which scientists, experts and those truly seeking a healthier life are hailing around the world as a “Miracle.”

Its called “Ganoderma Lucidum” (Also known as "Reishi", "Lingzhi")
Our coffee is a fine blend formulated with this ancient and powerful herb "Ganoderma". The result? Something people say tastes as good, or better than their other stuff, but makes them feel terrific. Something people routinely claim gives them clearer thought and causes them to lose weight.
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