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About Camp Taylor offers several free medically supervised camp programs helping the under-served population of pediatric cardiology.
Mission The mission of Camp Taylor is to provide positive experiences in the lives of children with heart disease.
Overview For over a decade we've been successful in providing free medically supervised
camp programs to children with heart disease and their families. We currently
offer 5 camp sessions catering to the under-served population of pediatric
cardiology. We help hundreds of families from across the United States each year. Our unique camp programs provide the calming surroundings of nature & nurturing, a safe have a world away from the daily cares and challenges that life-threatening heart disease can bring.

Sharing the emotional, mental & social challenges that each person faces in life comes naturally at camp where our campers are surrounded by youth & families with similar life experiences. Shedding your shirt at the pool swim finally 'feels good' as almost everyone has a zipper scar.

Campers enjoy swimming, snorkeling, horseback riding, rock-wall climbing, skit night, archery, heart education and much more while at camp. Campers return home from camp empowered with new found self esteem freshly educated about their disease. Camaraderie and fun is the feeling of the week at camp. For many campers experiencing an environment where the actually 'feel normal' is a priceless gift only found at camp.
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