A Journey of a Thousand Seasons

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About A Journey of a Thousand Seasons is as fascinating as it is new - a quest for survival that touches a universal lodestone even in galaxies and dimensions we cannot, or dare not, comprehend.
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Why is Tenashar’s world dying?

The trees have become emaciated, blackened and dry. Its roots and leaves have crumbled into dust like burnt charcoal. Fields of crops have failed and won’t grow again. The water that once fed these cultivated fields has dried up. Animals are running away in large numbers. Great herds have either dwindled or been destroyed. Jungles, forests and grasslands are now deserts and dark void, where nothing can exist. The Orbs have come–machines left over from previous cilization that destroyed itself in war. What answers are there? And will Tenashar and tribe find the answers in time?

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