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About Paperback out NOW! Stunning photo of dogs with entertaining stories & poems. A must read & GREAT present for all dog lovers! http://www.time-for-paws.co.uk
Description Time for Paws is the Facebook page for the book of the same name. The book is OUT NOW and is a collection of some the best photographs of dogs that you will find! They are not what you might expect either - this collection has caught out best friends at the most entertaining moments possible and each image is accompanied by a telling short story! The book will retail at £8.49 in paperback from Amazon and high street retailers. Feedback on the book is really welcome from everyone - as this is the first in a series of books with the same theme. Time for Paws will appeal to EVERYONE and makes a fantastic gift and is the start of a photographic journey through the lives of our four-legged best friends!
Web site http://www.time-for-paws.co.uk/

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