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About We're combining our Facebook pages onto one page. Stay in the loop on all things JAB, and "like" our main Facebook page: www.facebook.com/JustAskBoo
Description What is JustAskBoo?
JustAskBoo, or JAB, is an exclusive {but very friendly} e-newsletter in which sophisticated individuals post inquiries to exchange resources, ask other readers for information or advice, sell items via classified ads, promote charity events, advertise their businesses, and more. Newsletter subscriptions are free of charge, as are select posts. Subscribers, referred to as JABBERS, use first and last names, and all posts are filtered through our superstar editors.

MISSION: To be your one and only, trusted and friendly on-line grapevine of all things happy and good!

PRODUCTS: Free and friendly e-newsletters featuring inquiries from your friends & theirs seeking YOUR personal recommendations; classified ads; special events promos, community info, referrals (Treasure Chest - what a resource!), Household Help exchange page, and much more!
Web site www.justaskboo.com

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