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About Body Wraps that Shrink your FAT! www.wraptolose.com
Description Interested in knowing how the wrap works? Here ya go...The gel/lotion formula on your wrap contains ingredients that penetrate deep through 4 layers, to the fat cells where we store our toxins. The herbs and lipase enzymes work to metabolize, breaking up into tiny little pieces and the fat and toxins are then excreted.
The applicator's natural ingredients help to saturate the cell wall, and work to... release the subcutaneous fat that has accumulated inside of the cell . The excess substance liquefied by the herbs goes through the blood circulation and into the lymphatic system to be excreted from the body naturally. This is the reason it is important to drink lots of water while using the wrap, and afterwards.
Mission Help people realize how losing weight and fat can make them feel awesome! And with our products that detox from the inside out and from the outside in you can meet in the middle and SHRINK!
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Web site www.wraptolose.com

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