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About daisymaysipes.etsy.com
Mission My mission is to create beautiful flowers for you hair!
Overview The name of the shop comes from my dog, Daisy. Or sometimes Daisymay. The poor girl has so many nicknames! Daisy is my rescue dog that I got when I was living in MO. She went through a lot but found her forever home with me. She is a great pal and I'm sure she's honored to have a shop named after her. :)

Now to me. I love crafting of all kinds. In fact my craft room is just about to explode with ideas that are waiting to be attempted. But I really enjoy making the flower hair pins. I love the sunny months and the flowers that they bring. Here in Wisconsin though we have several long months of grey winter, which is when I first started wanting to make the flowers for my hair. They make me smile and remind me of the warm months when it's cold. Now I've been maiking enough of them that I can bring a little summer to your hair!

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