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About We work with you to create invites that you love! So come over, Let’s Talk Invites. Visit www.letstalkinvites.com or call +61 3 9999 5421 for more details.
Description Let’s Talk Invites was born with the idea of making the experience of creating invitations comfortable and easy. We believe that talking encourages ideation and so we would love to know what your idea of that perfect invite would be and how we can assist you in making it.

We understand that organizing an event can be very stressful, so our online free consultation sessions and well-defined process will make things much simpler for you, so that you can take control and give time to other things that need all your attention.

We make invites for every occasion worth a mention and every celebration that is close to your heart. Not a fan of the ‘one size fits all’ model we want to know you and assist you in deciding what invitation will suit you best!

Start a conversation with:
Shrinkhla N. Khera
+61 3 9999 5421
Web site http://www.letstalkinvites.com

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