The Trouble with Angels

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Description The Trouble with Angels (1966) is a comedy film about the adventures of two girls in an all girls school run by nuns. The movie was directed by Ida Lupino and stars Rosalind Russell and Hayley Mills. The featured players include Marge Redmond (who appeared as nun Sister Jacqueline in the television series The Flying Nun the following year) as math teacher Sister Liguori, Mary Wickes (who also played a nun in Sister Act and its sequel Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit) as gym teacher Sister Clarissa, and Portia Nelson as art teacher Sister Elizabeth (who also played a nun in The Sound of Music).SynopsisThe movie is set in a fictional all-girls Catholic boarding school operated by an order of nuns. Russell plays the Mother Superior, who spends the movie at odds with Mary Clancy (Hayley Mills), a rebellious teenager, and her misery-loves-company friend Rachel Devery (June Harding). The episodic storyline follows the young women through their high-school years.

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