Roman Night

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About A novel that moves from the hot streets of the Eternal City to the underworld of Sicily, ROMAN NIGHT will keep anyone who loves mysteries and Italy reading well into the dark hours.
Description Dawn on an August morning in Rome. The body of an art historian hangs from a bridge in the middle of the city. What could this death have to do with the trial of Alberto Papa, the Sicilian mob’s notorious boss of all the bosses? Alessandro Fenner wants to know. His wife, an anti-mafia prosecutor, died at the hands of Papa. Washed up in his small garret apartment, refusing any business that comes to his door, Fenner learns that the Papas are shaking down the Italian government with a painting that appears to be the third version of Leonardo da Vinci’s Virgin of the Rocks. The family will burn the painting unless Alberto Papa goes free. But is the masterpiece for real or a brilliant fake perpetrated by a modern genius? The key is a delusional Englishman with the talent to channel the old master—and Fenner must get the secret out of him.
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