Jenny Stephens - "Life Photography"

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About - "Life Photography" . Allowing opportunity to capture and embrace a moment in time, in which to share and inspire others .
Description It's my heartfelt desire, to inspire others through my works. I feel honoured to live amid some of the most pristine and beautiful places in the world. Ambrose Bierce wrote that a photograph was " a picture painted by the sun without instruction in art." This is truly how I feel about my life, my photography. It's integrally vital to me, that my works convey truth, purpose, sensitivity and meaning. My aim is to share, to inspire. I can think of no greater accolade than to have others touched by my art form. Whatever manner that may take the shape in. Inspired by Australian Wildlife, Flora. Wilderness Locations and Urban Living, I am honoured to challenge myself. Searching always in pristine landscapes for a 'wow' factor. Thank you for your support and belief in my work, in order to begin this next phase of my creative journeying. My Mission is to extend on an already passion laden interest, offering greater scope to share and collaborate with others, in what I believe to be a noble enterprise.

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