Bar Harbor, Maine Green Map

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About This is a project that is in the beginning stages. If you are interested in helping create the green map post on the wall saying so and I will contact you.
Mission In doing this we hope to encourages local organizations to adopt more sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the local community and by doing so to make Bar Harbor a model for other communities and a destination spot for green travel.
Overview This green map was initiated to help both locals and visitors to Bar Harbor, Maine identify local accommodations, restaurants, tour operators, stores, and other types of businesses as well as governmental organizations and non-profits which support or don't support sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Bar Harbor, Maine is located on mount Desert Island which is home to Acadia National Park. Over two million visitors (maybe over three) visit the park and Bar Harbor each year making it the second most touristed spot in all of Maine after Portland.

Our methodology is still being developed.
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