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About Girls Strong: Women of all ages pursuing strength in spirit, mind and body; balancing life’s adventures with courage, passion and preparation.
Description Coaching women of all ages to find strength and balance in spirit, mind and body. Spurring on courage, passion and preparation for all of life’s adventures.

A community of women pursuing a healthier lifestyle for themselves, and their loved ones. Linked arm-in-arm, finding accountability, friendship, encouragement, inspiration and strength.

Girls Strong spirit: our zealous pursuit of God; bringing Him glory in all we do and standing on the Truth of who we are in Him.
... in mind: educating and challenging ourselves to grow and improve.
... in body: Embarking on the journey of health through nutrition and physical fitness.

“Strong:” sturdy, well made, and not easily damaged or broken; thriving; influential; well defended and difficult to defeat; in good health.
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