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Mission To let buyers find incredible deals on the hottest products in a fun, new way.
Overview DealWonders is a new online marketplace offering the lowest prices on the latest brand name merchandise.

By using a pay-per-view, “YitzeeBryan” auction model, prices on DealWonders are literally always falling. Consumers pay $0.75 for each credit they place on a wide range of products from consumer electronics to sporting goods to gift cards. Prices drop with every credit used, so the more people who participate the lower the prices. DealWonders stands behind its prices and will return any credits that don’t reveal the lowest prices. Adding to the excitement, each week randomly selected auctions experience a “price plunge,” whereby the auction price freefalls to between 50% and 100% off.

DealWonders is a New York based company founded by three Stanford Graduate School of Business alumni.
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