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About Fitzmartyn is my 'Alter Ego', the self I retreat into when I don't want to be me for a while - the 'me' that sees beauty everywhere in colour and form, the 'me' that thinks life is genuinely worth living...
Description A retired reprobate based in a small village a few miles from Blandford Forum in Dorset, UK, a manic depressive, insane genius, fly dresser, fisherman, freelance writer, photographer, dog owner, blogger, sculptor and graphic designer, with faith in nothing and opinions on everything.

I'm accompanied through life by my patient but long-suffering wife Sue, and my not so faithful and slightly smelly dog Fluff (and Sue's dog, Daisy)

I'm also an experienced china tea drinker, coffee snob, cheese eater, gourmand, church bellringer, and occasional cyclist, who's sole ambition used to be to rule the world - until my wife told me that I had to stay home and decorate; so my ambition now is to grow old gracefully, sip green tea, drink copious amounts of espresso, search for the best "Cheese on Toast" café in Dorset, and obey all She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed's "suggestions"... :)
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