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About If you listen close you'll hear the one guitar on both sides of the mix.
Overview I built the first Ripley 6 channel guitar in about 1980 when I was working as Leon Russell's personal engineer at Paradise Studios in Burbank, California. My desire was to be able to record my electric guitar in some sort of real stereo, not unlike the way I recorded Leon's Steinway piano. I had the guitar set up for about 6 months in the big room at Paradise Studios, with each string through its own amp. After Leon shut down Paradise and moved away, I went to work as Bob Dylan's guitar player (1981). We made a record called 'Shot of Love' and toured Europe and the US. When the last tour ended at the end of 1981, I went back to work evolving the idea of a 6 channel stereo guitar. Everyone that tried the guitar seemed to really like it. I set my sights on two guitar players I had never met: Ry Cooder and Eddie Van Halen. It wasn't easy, but eventually I got to show them both the guitar, and they became my best and most loyal customers. To be continued...

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