Patagonia or Bust

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About In October 2012 we will leave behind the gorgeous Columbia River Gorge and set our compass south toward Ushuaia, Argentina, the southern most town in the world! Like our page and follow our blog:
Description We're about to set out on an adventure of a lifetime as we drive from Oregon to Patagonia. Through our blog and this facebook page we hope all of you will follow along as our virtual travel companions.

We're constantly being asked why we're going on this trip; when we discover that for ourselves somewhere between here and there we'll be sure to let you know. For now its for the adventure, the challenge and the excitement. It's discovering new places, expanding our horizons and escaping the creature comforts of home we so easily come to depend on. All that and I hear there are some okay beaches, disappointing sights and a few equally mediocre waves to be found.
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