Multiple Sclerosis Advisory Council

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About MSAC (MS Advisory Council)
Description We are a group of people who have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or who are carers for people with MS. We seek input from a broad range of people in the MS community so we can best represent the views of the entire community to the Board of MSA ACT/NSW/VIC. In this way, we hope to help MSA ACT/NSW/VIC provide relevant and effective services. This facebook page is one of several ways for people to provide input to MSAC. You can read more about MSAC at
Mission MSAC's mission is to inform the Board of MSA ACT/NSW/VIC of the needs and views of the broader MS community to help them provide relevant information and services for people affected by MS. We do not have the authority to make decisions about how MSA is run.
Overview MSAC advises the Board of MS Australia ACT/NSW/VIC (MSA), also known as Multiple Sclerosis Limited (MSL), to help them understand the needs and views of the MS community.
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