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About Organic Dog Treats
Description Beasley is a remarkable, eye-catching Dalmatian who inspired a bakery with a mission: "All pets deserve to be healthy."
In fact, we all deserve to be healthy!
Beasley knows, of course, that dogs are particularly good for us humans, keeping us healthier by motivating us to go for walks. Just say the word! Not to mention that certain, understanding love they give us, sensing just when we need it most - another great boon to our health! So too, we humans want to take good care of our lovings pets who take such good care of us.

Mission The mission to be healthy and the concept of cosmomorphism are Bealsey's motto. The term cosmomorphism was coined by a French pastor in the 18th century to indicate the state of perfect symbiosis with the surrounding environment. This grand idea is "food for thought" - and to eat! The notion of leaving nature alone or "whole" as in whole foods is the ticket to health for both humans and dogs!

Beasley, a certified expert, of course, also knows that food needs to taste good, really good. So far, all of Beasley's friends that have sampled the grrr...nola treats fresh from the bakery gladly, gobbled them up with uninterrupted enjoyment - much to Beasley's delight!
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