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Description Dr. Cheddi 'Joey' Jagan Jr. is a doctor and a politician in Guyana. He is the son of the past presidents Cheddi Jagan and Janet Jagan. His father was an Indo-Guyanese Hindu and his mother was an American-born Jew of Hungarian and Romanian descent..In politics, he is the co-founder of the Unity Party of Guyana, a pro-capitalist party seeking to bring more foreign investment to Guyana. (This is opposite of his parents who were Socialists.)In 2006, Dr. Jagan, joined with Peter Ramsaroop,Paul Hardy and Rupert Roopnarine to form the Guyana Third Force. In 2011, Dr. Jagan returned to the Party of his father, the PPP/C along with Peter Ramsaroop the leader of Vision Guyana (A political/social organization in Guyana)External links Unity Party of Guyana Homepage Article on Joey Jagan's 'return' to the PPP in Stabroek News. Same as above in 'Kaieteur News'.

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