Midnights Children

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Description Midnight's Children is a 1980 book by Salman Rushdie that deals with India's transition from British colonialism to independence and the partition of British India. It is considered an example of postcolonial literature and magical realism. The story is told by its chief protagonist, Saleem Sinai, and is set in the context of actual historical events as with historical fiction.Midnight's Children won both the Booker Prize and the James Tait Black Memorial Prize in 1981 (although it was first published in late 1980, a series of delays, including a strike by dock-workers, delayed distribution of the novel). It was awarded the "Booker of Bookers" Prize and the best all-time prize winners in 1993 and 2008 to celebrate the Booker Prize 25th and 40th anniversary. In 2003, the novel was listed on the BBC's survey The Big Read. It was also added to the list of Great Books of the 20th Century, published by Penguin Books.Background and plot summaryThe novel has a multitude of named characters; see the List of Midnight's Children characters.

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